Start of something new

“Sometimes in life we have to think about the upcoming and see how to continue from this point forward. Through saying yes to more things we got here. That is how we will continue and now that new opportunities, challenges and doors lie ahead of us. We can only say that jump in and enjoy the ride.

Our website has been pretty inactive lately because we have had a lot of important things in our lives. However we haven’t forgotten MovementJapan. After we came back from Japan we have been feeling like something is missing. Everytime we go to sauna, trip to memory lane starts from the beginning of everything, talking about our trip and what we have achieved because of our project. We all agree that during our trip to Japan we felt something unique. The feeling was so breathtaking so we decided that we will be chasing for that, rest of our life.

When we have discussed how the story of MovementJapan will continue, we have had ambitious ideas and behind the scenes these plans have developed slowly. Despite that the story of MovementJapan has already been mindblowing to us, we promise that something much bigger and better will be coming soon.

21.12.2018 and 6.6.2019 keep the dates in mind” -MovementJapan