Japanese seasons

The average temperature in Japan is very high compared to the Finnish average temperature. Annual temperature is an important factor for climate, so the Japanese climate is different compared to the Finnish climate.

There is four season in both countries.  Spring in Japan is very beautiful because then the famous cherry blossoms are out and spring is also a good time to visit Japan because the temperature is warm and there is not too much rain.                                                                             Spring in Finland is very short – even shorter than summer! The snow is melting away and temperature is neither hot nor cold.


Summer in Japan is very hot and rainy but you can see farmers planting their rice or other plants because that’s the time when Japanese agriculture is made!                                       Summer in Finland is very unique. People are happier because the long cold winter is gone and summer vacation begins. Temperature is hot enough and the forests are very beautiful.


Autumn in Japan is not so hot but on that time there is plenty of music concerts, sports tournaments and exhibitions.                                                                                                                   Autumn in Finland is maybe the most beautiful time. That’s the time when Ruska begins. Ruska is known as the autumnal red, brown and yellow colors in nature. This is very good time to go trekking in Finland.


Winter in Japan is dry and the temperature is quite cold. But there is much to do in winter for example snowsports and you can actually see the mount Fuji!                                      There are many tourists in winter in Finland because of the winter sports and snow. Also, the northern lights are usually seen in the winter.


The differences between Finnish and Japanese seasons is quite big but sometimes the differences just approximate.




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