Japanese religions

Nowadays Japan and Finland are both pretty secular societies. It means that religions have not so important role that they have had in those countries. Currently both countries have full religious freedom. Most significant religions in Japan, are Buddhism and Shinto. Shinto is original Japanese religion. It is based on Japanese folk religion. Beliefs of Shinto are based on mythical stories and it has historically been of great importance to Japanese national identity. People who belong to Shinto think that there is several deities in almost every nature creature. They believe that for example rocks, trees and lakes have own deities. Lots of Japanese have “united” Shinto and Buddhism. A mirror is a symbolic thing in Shinto. Shinto is very interesting and even mystic religion. It is very different that common religions in Finland. Christianity is the most common religion in Finnish culture. About 70% of Finnish people are Christian.

Sanctuaire shinto d''Itsukushima (Japon)

(Shinto temple)

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