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Instead of writing the usual and boring presentation text, where we list our years of birth, length, and how many pets we have, we tried something new. We introduce ourselves through questions. We asked ourselves questions and we also asked each other to answer the questions about ourselves, for example, Janne tells Lauri’s sources of motivation. We have known each other for many years, so this task was easy for every one of us.



Who do you think is an interesting person?

A person that I look up to and want to learn more. Also, I want to be more like him and share his wisdom. Mahatma Gandhi is the person of my interest. He is an inspiration and his teachings live on. His peace of mind is very unique. He is still a source of inspiration and guidance for many people.

Tell about your childhood?

My childhood was amazing. I got a lot of amazing chances to see the world and learn about other cultures. I was also born in Mexico so since my birth I have seen the world from different places. I am grateful for that.

What do you want to do in the future?

I will go study to university. I will also want to start my own company and learn the life of hard-working people.

What do you enjoy?

I enjoy life and all the bad and good in it. I like my friends and I like the feeling of success in life. Also working out and eating good food makes me happy.
Oskari tells about Eero:

What gets Eero to become furious? Eero “reiska” is the fairest person I know and so kind to everyone. He never gets furious

What motivates him? Friends, food, and sport
What does Eero appreciate in humans? Loyalty, brotherhood and trying your best



Who do you think is a great person?

I think that Ronaldinho is an interesting person because sometimes he did what he wanted on the pitch. He is also a very positive guy and excellent role model for younger football players and fans.

Tell about your childhood?

I was born in Espoo, but I was pretty young when I moved to Tuusula, where grew up and met a lot of great people. 

What do you want in your life in the future?

I want to study at university after high school. And of course, I want to be happy and healthy in the future also.

What do you enjoy?

I enjoy watching and doing sports activities. Especially in good company sports are very nice. My favorite sports are hockey, football, and floorball. I also enjoy good food and great movies and series.  

Eero tells about Oskari

What gets Oscar to become furious? Depravity, arrogance, and dishonesty

What motivates him? Results

What Oskari appreciates in humans? Loyalty and brotherhood



Who do you think is an interesting person?
There are many interesting people. Personality, achievements their opinions and attitude make people interesting. I like Leonardo Da Vinci as an interesting person. His many professions and inventions fascinate me. In Da Vinci’s book, the Da Vinci code details more about Da Vinci’s life and possible conspiracies that make him even more interesting.

Tell about your childhood?
I started reading Donald Ducks at the age of six and hobby has continued to this day. My interest in cars started when I was quite young, and it also became an interest in entrepreneurship and investment. At high school my choice of profession was clear: I wanted to work in the commercial sector. Entrepreneurship seemed so interested that I decided to try entrepreneurship. I started an online shop and I run it for seven months. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship in that time.

    What do you want in your life in the future?
I want a life where I do not think in a dying bed that there was no courage to live your life. There must also be concrete goals in life, and for me, they are a place for study in a commercial sector, continuous development of self, economic independence and a life in general with content from morning to evening.

  What do you enjoy?
I enjoy sports, especially gym, experiences, achieving work, new learning and friends.

Janne tells about Lauri

What gets Lauri to become furious?

Repeating sentences, very bad jokes, and bad arguments.

What motivates him?
Lauri gets motivated by success at work or in hobbies also achieving the goals and appreciation motivates Lauri.

What does Lauri appreciate in people?

Reliability, sense of humor, perfection, and honesty.


IMG-20180123-WA0003 (1)

Who do you think is an interesting person?

I respect honesty and great problem-solving skills in people. One of the people that really inspire me is Alan Turing. Turing is one of the godfathers of modern computers. He trusted in what he was doing and broke the encryptions of the German army. He shortened the World War two with a couple of years with his intelligence.

Tell about your childhood

When I was a kid I enjoyed playing outside with my friends. We played football, baseball, ice hockey and other sports and games. My favorite toys were Legos. I really enjoyed building different things with those mechanic Legos. I also crafted a lot of wooden things such as bows and miniature boats. I liked to build stuff.

What do you want from your future?

In the future, I want to enjoy almost every day of my life. Not just weekends but also weekdays. I’m not sure yet where I want to work in the future but it must be something that I really enjoy.

What do you enjoy?

I enjoy when I learn something new and I can use that skill or information in some place. It’s also one of the best feelings when I have many things to do and I finish them all and after that, I can relax.

What gets Janne to become furious?

It makes really Janne frustrated when people don’t say what they are meaning and they just expect that everyone knows what they are meaning

What motivates him?

It motivates Janne when he can see the results of his work and they are positive.

What does Janne appreciate in people?

Janne respects that when people have the courage to say what they think even if it is a different opinion than the most of people have.

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