Travel fair day 19.1.2018



We went to a travel fair with our MovementJapan-team 19.1.2018. Our bus was at Pasila on time. After that, we went straight to the exhibition center. The idea of this trip was to find partners, sales and useful contacts for our project.

      After arrived to travel fairs we went to find stands that include information about Japan. First, we found the Japan stand, which was rewarding and we got many useful tips, books and maps for the trip.  

Oskari and Janne discussing with the Japan stand staff

Valokuva henkilöltä Janne Peltokorpi (4)Valokuva henkilöltä Janne Peltokorpi (5)

Japan stand gave also these quite weird but delicious snacks

Valokuva henkilöltä Janne Peltokorpi (7)

Next we visited different airlines stands. They give us discount codes and tips for the Japan trip. We found the Japan Airlines and they gave us cool bags.


The most rewarding stand for our trip was  Suomalais-Japanilainen yhdistys ry’s stand. We talked to the staff and they gave us tips and useful people’s emails. They invite us to hear a presentation called Japanin matkailijan 50 kanjia. You can read more about this presentation on this link: 

After getting those new tips, instructions and emails we went to eat lörtsys. After eating lörtsys we had an opportunity to visit the travel fairs other supply. We went to watch caravans and we got few amazing pictures there.

Valokuva henkilöltä Janne Peltokorpi (8)Valokuva henkilöltä Janne Peltokorpi (9)



Overall the travel fair day was rewarding and funny!

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