Lecture about Japan (29.1.2018)

We got an invitation from the Suomalais-Japanilainen yhdistys ry to come to hear presentation named Japanin matkailijan 50 Kanjia. The presentation was about things to do in Japan and things to prepare for. The presentation was in the exam week (29.1.2018) but we read more on the day before because we sincerely wanted to go there.

We took a bus to Pasila where we walked to the Pasila’s libary. Unfortunately, Oskari couldn’t join our trip because he was ill at home. I and Eero had an terrible hunger, so we decided to visit the subway. It was a mistake. Subway was pretty far so we were ten minutes late for the lecture.

We arrived to lecture hall with a little shame. We didn’t care about it but we started to listen that lecture. Lecture was useful and interesting. We learn a lot about Japanese culture. We learn alo new useful things from Japanese cities and places. Because of the lecture we decided to radically change our travel plan. We spend most of our nights in Nagoya althought the original idea was to stay in Tokyo.


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