Visit to the Embassy of Japan

We had a nice little trip to Helsinki in January. During this trip, we visited the Finnish national museum, Embassy of Japan and also got to know more about the culture by eating in a Japanese restaurant.

The national museum was exciting for all of us because we had not visited it in a long time and the exhibitions had changed a lot. The best part was the history of the sauna. From here we headed to the Embassy


The Embassy gave us a presentation of Japan and the relationship with Finland. The presentation was really informative and we all enjoyed it. After the presentation, we had the time for questions and oh boy did we have a lot of them. I think we might have had the most questions from the people in that room. As a gift, they gave us all some really interesting books and flyers which were really helpful.  From here we started searching for our restaurant Domo.


Domo was a really nice restaurant with some really nice and friendly staff. The food was great and got us even more hyped for the trip to Japan. We had some chicken, pork, fish, rice and a great selection of sushi. This was a great end to our trip. Our day was successful and it was time to head home.

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