Our schedule in Japan

We have preliminary planned our trip to Japan. The changes to our plan are extremely likely so we have built only a frame on it. When we are in Japan, we will write every day all that we have experienced, seen, learned and reached.


Friday 13.4.2018

Our flight leaves Helsinki-Vantaa at 5pm. We will arrive in Nagoya at 8am local time.


Saturday 14.4

Our first task is to get us to Tokyo and check in to the hotel. Our last year’s exchange student Kai will come with us to Tokyo and he will be our cicerone in Tokio on that day.


Sunday 15.4

We will pack our suitcases and check out for capsule hotel and head to the hotel near Disneyland. It takes time to move, but we try to reach evening’s sumo wrestling match.


Monday 16.4

On Monday we will head to Disneyland half an hour before the opening hours so that our time does not go to the queuing. We are in Disneyland all day and we will go to bed early so we are spry on the next day.


Tuesday 17.4

We will pack our luggage from the Disneyland Hotel and head for the train to Nagoya. Our exchange student, Kai, lives near Nagoya, so we’re going to spend as much time with him as possible. Once we have arrived at our hotel in Nagoya, we visit the Toyota factory and Nagoya Castle.


Wednesday 18.4

On Wednesday we will have school visit in Tokyo (Link to the school’s homepage).  The trip back and forth takes a lot of time, but we will try to have company visiting in the evening.


Thursday 19.4

On Thursday we will visit only Nagoya’s sights. We will visit Atsuta Jingu Shrine Palace, SCMAGLEV, and Railway Park and we will bathe on Taihei Onsen Tenpu no Yo hot springs.


Friday 20.4

On Friday, we will explore Japan’s Capital of Culture, Kyoto. We will explore the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine, the Seimei Shrine Cemetery, the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple and the Arashiyama Landscape Walking Route.


Saturday 21.4

We will say goodbye to Kai and Nagoya and head to the Nagoya’s airport where our flight will go back to Finland.

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