Meeting with Nopeet

On 23.3.2018 we met the largest Turku-based sunglass company in the world: Nopeet.

They are not a conventional company. Nopeet originated because there were not good enough sunglasses on the market. Gentlemen saw that niche and set up Nopeet.

We met the founders: Mr. W. and Mr. K in a cafe by the Aura river and we presented our productive project. We started thinking about cooperation. There is plenty of similarities between Nopeet and MovementJapan. In both, the founders are best friends, which is a priceless advantage at working. We do things productively and differently. We want to stand out from the crowd and deviation from the norm. We are tired of the usual and routine.

IMG_20180323_141930 (1).jpg

After the coffee, we headed to the Nopeet Office. The office was not too big, but it does not hinder the company’s success. The office is just a couple of months old. Before getting the office they run the largest Turku-based sunglass company at home.

Their motivation to make the best sunglasses ever was so great and ambitious that they did not know the concepts of working time or leisure. Due to the office, these concepts have begun to emerge. The office is for work and home for relax but still, the most creative ideas come somewhere else than at the office.

The name “Nopeet” means in Finnish something like “fast” or “speed”. The name really tells their ways of acting. In addition to their different, unprecedented and unconventional sales tactics they are also exceedingly fast in action. Mr. K and Mr. W have a slightly different sleeping rhythm, which enables virtually 24/7 exceedingly fast responses in email. Nopeet delivers their products to anywhere in the world on 2 or 3 working days. This is possible because they have excellent warehouse workers.

Meeting the Nopeet was really inspiring. It brought us new perspectives and ideas because we realized that all companies should not act and do sales in the same way. Success requires diversity. We look forward to seeing what kind of work culture prevails in Japan and what we need to learn from them.

Down below are some great pictures we took. We will take more this kind of pictures. In Japan and in the various events we are going to attend (such as Platonin Akatemia and SciCruise), we will take even more impressive images. We told to exchange student friend Kai about Nopeet and he was extremely interested in them!

IMG_20180323_150114 (1).jpgIMG_20180323_143750 (1).jpg

IMG_20180323_143635 (1)

Link to Nopeetstore



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