Sauna, the place where many great things have born. Already in the beginning of the project it was clear that sauna will be one of the main symbols of us. Not just because it is well known Finnish invention all around the world but all of us really enjoy being in there. We get the best ideas when we try to think about them together in sauna. It is almost perfect place to relax and talk about things at the same time. There is no better feeling than going to sauna with friends after a long day.

Some types of saunas

There are two main types of saunas. Usually sauna is heated with a sauna stove which works either with woods or electricity. Even though saunas has been heated up with woods hundreds of years, electrically heated saunas are really common these days. Wood-heated sauna is usually considered to give better sauna experience but it takes more work to heat it up.

There are also different kinds of wood-heated saunas. Smoke sauna is one of them. Heating and the structure of smoke sauna is slightly different than normal sauna. Smoke sauna is like normal sauna but it is full of smoke. Smoke saunas have also bigger probability to burn down than normal saunas. It is said as a joke that smoke sauna isn’t a real smoke sauna if it hasn’t burned down at least once yet.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle savusauna

A typical smoke sauna. (Not the way it is supposed to work)

Sauna’s effect to us

We got the idea of going to Japan in beginning of June. We were spending the evening in Eero’s sauna. As usual we talked about how life is going and things like that. At some point of the evening someone got the idea of going to Japan. On that evening it was just an idea and we didn’t take it really seriously and we didn’t have a clue where this idea will take us to. We don’t judge anyone by their sauna habits but our opinion is that the best ideas come in 92°C hot sauna. Our plan is to find at least one sauna in Japan that we can visit.

Henkilön MovementJapan kuva.

The story behind our sauna hats

We started to think how we could get our project more connected to sauna. Then someone got the idea of sauna hats. We started to design the hats when we decided that we want to have flag of japan on our hats. The hats will be our identification mark. We already used them in various places and many people have asked us how they can get also them. We completely understand that they want to own those hats because only one look on them gets you to fall in love with them. These sauna hats will be the hottest fashion this summer and that is a sure thing. These hats are not only freaking good looking but they are also a great summer hats. They cover you from too bright sunlight but they are not too warm.

Henkilön MovementJapan kuva.

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