University of Turku

Kuvahaun tulos haulle turun yliopisto

We visited the University of Turku on Friday 23.3. There we told about our project and get acquainted with the University and its projects. The day before our Turku-trip we were in Eero’s place preparing our PowerPoint show, which we presented at the University of Turku. We spent almost whole Thursday doing that show and practicing our presentation. We had waited for the trip for a long time and it was an honor for us to be able to do it.


Our day started a little bit after 5.00 am. because we went jogging and doing some workout. After the workout, we went to sauna. Of course. We travelled to Helsinki by Lauri’s mother’s car and all of us were so excited about that trip. We were in Helsinki a little bit early, so we had some time to eat and to wonder, how can boys from little town be soon giving a presentation in a respected university.

Our train trip was great and it went fast while practicing more our presentation and listening AC/DC to get ready for the day. After arriving in Turku we started walking towards the University of Turku with our great teacher Tapio. We found the destination easily even though the route selection was not maybe the best one.

The University of Turku totally impressed all of us. We learned there lots of great things and listened much about projects in that university. I wondered how it is even possible that there is so much so great projects in one school. We heard, for example, a Brazilian professor, who told us about his research about feelings and brains. University had booked a great meeting room for that day. The room was perfect. There was also the leader of the future tech, a famous professor Erkki Sutinen.

yliopisto kuva

We got delicious food in the lunchroom of the university. During lunch, we discussed with other people around us about many interesting topics. After lunch, we explored technology-department of the University. That was spectacular! We tested, for example, virtual reality glasses. After that, we went back to the meeting room, where we gave the presentation of our project twice. Presentations were very successful and some really good questions were posed to us and we also got a few advice for our project. At the end of the meeting, we discussed more about Japan but also everything else. Our Turku trip was over and we headed to the train station.

The day was very successful and all of us will remember that day forever. We got new contacts, great experience and lots of information. University also invited us to have our own stand in “Scicruise”, which is science cruise organized by University of Turku. It was probably the most successful day in the MovementJapan’s history. Great day for boys from little town!


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