Education in Japan

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese are generally so friendly, polite, intelligent and brisk? It’s due to their overpowered school system. There are many similarities between Finnish and Japanese education systems. In both countries,  the compulsory education period is nine years and also the Education system is 6-3-3-4, which means six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school and four years of university. In both countries, the students get also the best education in the world.




The Japanese people take education very seriously. They do not skip classes or arrive late to school. 91% percent Japanese students said that they have always listened teachers teaching. Japanese students almost never repeat their grades. 85% percent of Japanese students feel happy at school. This kind of students is a dream for many teachers and schools. But how do students like this have been born? Teaching methods are the answer. In Japan, the teacher is not always the one who teaches. Students are able to influence the teaching, for example, a student may teach a new mathematic formula for his classmates. They do not have janitors or custodians. The students clean their school themselves. They also teach home economics such as simple cooking and sewing skills. In this way, students learn manners, basic housework, and the school feels meaningful. Most of Japanese believe manners before knowledge. Down below is an excellent video where they compare Japanese and American school meals and ponder the reasons behind it.


Here are some basic facts about education in Japan

  • There is currently a 2.8 million Japanese students
  • The school year begins in April and ends in March of the following year
  • The school attendance in Japan is almost 100 percent
  • They study as a subject, for example,  mathematics, science, social studies, music, crafts, physical education poetry and Japanese calligraphy
  • The school starts at the age of six

We are really looking forward our school meeting with the Incul because we are going to see this famous teaching on the spot and we can compare it to famous Finnish teaching.


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