We are four high school students from Tuusula, Finland. Last summer we were in sauna and we talked about our plans for holidays. We planned that we should do something together but we didn’t come up with any great ideas. Then one of us said half-seriously that we should go to Japan and see our friend that had been in our school as an exchange student. We didn’t take it really seriously but we talked about it. A couple of weeks later someone of us said that we really should go to Japan. On that day we started to plan our trip.

Firstly we thought we will have just a fun vacation to Japan, but then Eero got the idea that we should combine our school with our trip and do maybe some research between Finnish and Japanese cultures. We asked if school is interested in our project and it really was. We started to think how we could take this project to the next level and we got the idea that we should promote the cultural communication between Finland and Japan.

What our project has given to us

Our project got a good start and we are really proud of it what we already have done, but this is just a start and we have ambitious goals for our future. Because of our project we have visited University of Turku and we also got a job from there for summer. We also have represented our schools international projects and introduced them to future students of our school. Also we have been invited to talk about our project to many places, for example,  technology and science cruise named Scicruise, Finnish National Agency of Education and couple of other places. We are really motivated because we see that our job is making great results and we wait the future with interest.

Our knowledge of Japan has grown tremendously. But we have also learned many other things, for example, making own website, to give speeches, making powerpoints and many social skills.

What will we do after our trip

We will continue making blogs and visit different places and talk about our project and its results. We can tell you that we have really ambitious goals set in the future but we will tell about them later. Follow our website and stay informed about the progress of our project!

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