Making sushi

We came up with the idea to make sushi. None of us had before made sushi but we decided to try. We started to research what kind of goods are needed to make Sushi. We gathered at Janne’s house and started to make it.


Here are the ingredients what we needed for sushi. The most important ingredient was the sushi rice. It’s firmer and shinier than a normal rice. The second important ingredient was the Sushi nori seaweed. In addition to these, we also needed salmon, cucumber, avocado, chopsticks and a bamboo mat for rolling the sushi.

The first step was cooking the Sushi rice. We had to rinse the rice several times with water. After rinsing the rice we boiled it.



When the rice was boiling, we sliced the salmon, cucumber and avocado. We sliced them into strips so they can fit better in sushi.



When the rice was ready and salmon, cucumber, and avocado were sliced the hardest part of our job was waiting for us: rolling the sushi.

We put the nori and ingredients on the bamboo mat. We turned the bamboo mat halfway through and started rolling very carefully. It was not an easy task, but we manage to did it.



We cut the sushi and bring out the soy sauce and wasabi and started tasting. They tasted almost as good as the sushi that is made in the restaurants. We are looking forward to tasting the sushi which is made in Japan. By clicking this link you can read our blog where tell you more about sushi.


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