The Finnish national board of education


We visited the Finnish National Board of Education on Monday 9.4. It was a great honor for us. All started from one tweet. Our school tweeted the news article about us and Eero’s brother noticed that Paula Mattila had commented on that tweet. Mattila has an important part in developing the Finnish school system, she is in charge of internationalizing education in the Finnish national board of education. We sent an email to Mattila and she said that we are more than welcome to come and visit the Finnish National Board of Education. We gave a presentation about our project and discussed about Finnish high school system and how to integrate our project to it. We were not alone, there was also group of students from Rajamäki high school. Those students had a very interesting project and you can read more about it in their website.  

We travelled to Helsinki by bus and all of us were more than excited about the trip. It was a warm day so there was very hot in the bus and we were so glad to finally get out of it when we arrived in Helsinki. The first thing that we did in Helsinki was shopping, because Janne needed new suit trousers, rest of us needed some food and something to drink. After shopping we started heading to our destination. We went by metro, so we would be there earlier. While we were in the lobby waiting, we had little bit of time to discuss with the students of Rajamäki high school. Paula came to pick us up from the lobby and guided us to the meeting room, where coffee and sandwiches were waiting for us. Then we started our presentation and you know the rest!

Thank you Paula and Petri for the meeting! 


At the end our trip was a unique experience and successful day for high school students from little town.

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