Day 2 (Sights and exploring)

We woke up little before nine in the morning from the the beds of our capsule hotel. We slept better than we thought that we would in capsule hotel because it was pretty noisy there. One reason to that we slept well was that all us us had slept about 1-6 hours so we were so tired at the end of the day. beeberi.JPG

After this we went to a Japanese breakfast with our friend Kai. Everything was really cheap compared to Finland but we had already got used to that. We ate different pastries there and drank coffee.

nopeet janne.JPG

After this we went to see some sights with Kai. One of those sights was old shrine and it was something new to all of us. We also went to the Tokyo Skytree which is over 600 meters tall. We had some really good time with Kai and we were in many parts of Tokyo, for example, Kabukicho and Shinjuku. We threw couple of high fives and agreed to meet again on Wednesday.



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