Day 4 (Embassy of Finland)

The fourth day started with good breakfast. After that we had to pack our luggage and check out for our Disneyland hotel. We had a meeting with The Embassy of Finland at 16.30 and we had no interest to walk around in Tokyo with our big luggage, so we decided to stay in our Disneyland Hotel and just get some work done.

We have learned to use Tokyo’s public transport quite well but we did not want to be late from our meeting in The Embassy of Finland, so we went there by taxi. The taxi trip was a great ride because we saw a lot new aspects of the city. In public transport there is not the same opportunity to see the city.

We arrived in The Finnish Embassy of Japan 20 minutes before the set time, so we had more than enough time to see the embassies of other countries. When we got into the embassy, Ambassador Jukka Siukosaari and Counsellor Markus Kokko kindly welcomed us! We talked about Japan, our project and work in embassy. They gave us useful tips. We enjoyed our time in Embassy of Finland!

After an interesting visit to The Embassy of Finland it was time to head to our hotel in Nagoya. We got to Nagoya surprisingly well and we found the hotel quickly. There was a heavy rain outside, so we got a great idea to go jogging. Because of the rain, we could not take our phones with us, but luckily Oskari took his smart watch, so we were able to track out steps and kilometers. Jogging was extremely fun because of the rain and sights.  After running 6 kilometers around Nagoya we decided to head back to our hotel, but we did not know exactly where it might have been. We started to ask help from shops and hotels, where our hotel might be, but they had no idea. After couple hours of adventure we found an restaurant, where the guy knew exactly where our hotel is. When we got to  the hotel, we were soaking wet. This two-hour jogging trip taught us, that you have to remember some landmarks if you want to go jogging in unknown city.



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