Day 5 (School visit)

On this day we woke up at 7 am because we had a really interesting day ahead. We were going to have our school meeting at intercultural institute of Japan. Even before the meeting we could see the excitement coming from us and the school. We headed to Nagoya station from where our train left to Tokyo. Our train arrived in time and we started to walk towards school. It was raining heavily again and when we arrived there all us were soaking wet. In the school Ms. Tamura kindly welcomed us in. It was fun to notice how the teachers, employees and students were sincerely delighted.

At first we got to see and be part of weekly beginner class. There were three students, teacher and us. Our Japanese language skill is so primitive that we just follow the lesson from the side. The teaching was much the same with Finnish teaching. There was listening comprehension, learning new words and discussing with others. We also had the opportunity to attend a long-term class. It was little bit different compared to weekly beginner class. There were about twenty students and a teacher. They really had a wonderful atmosphere, the teacher was also very happy and enthusiastic. Teaching contained different kind of learning games and pronouncing words.

Two Finns also studied at the school and we had the opportunity to have a nice conversation with them. They spoke very well Japanese. It was really interesting to hear about their experiences and life in Japan.

After a great school visit, we headed back to Nagoya. We arrived there 8 pm so the sights we wanted to see were closed. We went to the Oasis 21 shopping center. At the top floor the views were breathtaking. At 11 pm we decided to go back to hotel and go to bed early!


Thank you intercultural institute of Japan for the school visit! Down below is link to their website and some basic information about it.

  • Link to intercultural institute of Japan
  • The idea of the school is to teach Japanese language and teach Japanese language teachers
  • There are students over 50 countries
  • The school has had 20,000 foreign students
  • The school has taught 2000 students as a Japanese language teacher
  • It was founded in 1977

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