Day 6 (Nagoya sights and home visit)

Our second last full day in Japan got a little bit of a late start. We woke up at 10 o`clock and went to get breakfast. So we started our day really at 11 o´clock, which was too late in our minds. Our days’ plan was to visit the Nagoya Castle, see the Toyota Car Factory and go see Kai´s home and meet his family.


The weather was mesmerizing, +23 and sunshine from a blue sky. So what could have been better than to walk to Nagoya Castle? On the way, we saw a really nice park which was full of colors and people. The park was so long that it almost led us all the way to the Castle. The Castle grounds were really big and were full of different type of gardens. The Castle was a stunning site to see. The Castle itself was made to be a museum from the inside. From the inside, you could find the history of the soldiers and the Castle to miniature versions of the grounds. It was a very informative and pleasant place to see. Would advise everyone to visit there.

After the Castle, we hopped on the subway and took a 50-minute ride to Toyota. We got a nice little nap on the train as all the Japanese people do. After arriving at Toyota Factory we divided right in. The place was amazing. They would tell you all about the cars, engines, safety, and manufacturing. The place was also very customer friendly as being very interactive. After looking at cars for hours we headed to Kai´s home. The trip there was quite long, almost 1.5 hours by train but we made it. Kai´s home was a typical Japanese home and very cozy. His mother had prepared us some sushi and it was delicious. His mother was really nice and quite good at English so having conversations was not a problem. After supper, we went to see a little bit the surroundings. Kai told us that it is really countryside where he lives, so I guess Tuusula is desert. At 21:30 we began traveling back to our hotel. It was a really nice day and we got a lot of knowledge from it to take back home.



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