Day 7 (Kyoto)

Today we woke up at seven o’clock and we dressed up quickly. After that we went to a cafe that is near to our hotel and ate a maybe the best breakfast that we have had in Japan. Next we took to the bullet train to Japan’s capital of culture Kyoto. When we arrived to Kyoto, we went to rent us electric bicycles because distances between different sight are pretty big in Kyoto. The bicycles worked perfectly and going from sight to another sight was fun.

Our first sight was Buddhist temple Kiyomizu-dera. There we walked very much and took some great pictures. After visiting this temple we went to eat.japani.JPG


After we ate ourselves full, we rode to about three kilometers to Fushimi Inari temple. The number of Torii gates was breath taking. There is about ten thousand of those. It was over twenty Celsius degrees warm so we sweated like pigs because we had to climb countless amount of stairs to reach the top of the mountain.torii.JPG

After Fushimi Inari we returned our bikes and went back to Nagoya by bullet train. In Nagoya we went trough couple of shops and just walked around the city because it was the last night of our trip.

These sight gave us much more because before visiting them we read information about them. With knowing the basic information of these sights, we could understand their meaning to the entire Japanese history

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