The last day / back to Finland

All good things come to an end. It was true once again.

We had packed our luggage already on Friday because our bus left seven o’clock in the morning. We were determined to stay awake the whole night because it was our last night in Japan and we wanted to make most out of it. Oskari and Lauri slept little bit over an hour and Janne and I did not sleep at all. When our bus turned to our hotel’s parking lot we at first glance realized it was completely full. We sat in the middle of the bus on some kind of spare seats that you were able to pull from the seat next to you, pretty neat if you ask me. We were really tired and hungry. The bus ride took about 50 minutes and we all tried to sleep but it was more than impossible. We saw Kai at the airport one last time before our flight back to home. We said goodbye to him and headed to our flight. The flight was more than ten hours but it was very short for us because we were so tired and just slept almost the whole flight. When we arrived in Finland we saw our parents at the airport. Our trip had come to an end and we were back home again.



Trip summary and highlights of the trip.

We felt a little bit wistful after the trip because it was the start idea of founding our project. That trip was a great experience and we learned more than we can explain. We learned a lot about Japanese culture but also about life and so many useful things during this journey. We got lots of great memories and funny stories to tell. Not everyone has talked with the ambassador of Finland or visited in a Japanese school. It was awesome to visit Kai’s home and see so many cultural destinations. There was also some little moments which makes the trip whole. The only bad thing about our trip was that it lasted only one week. Japan is awesome country and you definitely need more than a week to get below the surface on Japan. We are grateful to our parents and school about the support of our trip. Special thanks to Tapio Turpeinen. Our project will continue, this was only the first part of it. We are just getting started.


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