When we were visiting the University of Turku, we got an invitation to the SciCruise. It’s cruise between Turku and Stockholm. SciCruise offers interesting coverage of science, technology and environment workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and competitions. The target audience is Swedish and Finnish students, families with children and teachers. The age range on the cruise is quite big. I think the youngest were just nine years old and the oldest up to seventy.

Our train left from Helsinki to Port of Turku. Unfortunately, Finnish trains are not as accurate as in Japan, so we arrived a bit late to the Port of Turku.  We got the boarding cards and we talked a bit with the people around us. We were looking forward to our upcoming trip. The rest of the day we prepared our workshop and planned the next day’s schedule. The preparation took quite long because we went to sleep at 1 am.

The next day started with a big breakfast. After that, we headed to the official SciCruise opening ceremony. It was the first in the world. It was a great honor to have the opportunity of presenting our project there. From the opening, we headed directly to our workshop. In our workshop, we presented our project on a big screen. We organized a raffle, where people would have a chance to win prizes. We also showed pictures of the  Japan trip. We had four main presentations which were more detailed and bigger.  There were really interesting workshops in SciCruise and it was really amazing to get know them better. We met new and old acquaintances on the cruise. We got to know more about our summer jobs. We get to work on VR technology. We are really looking forward to it! Workshops were closed at 6pm. There was a closing event, where few of the workshops were rewarded and we were one of the workshops! Unfortunately, after that, we had to go packing and the trip was over. The cruise arrived at the port 8pm. From the port, we started driving back to Tuusula.

Thank you SciCruise, Viking Line,  University of Turku, University Uppsala and the people and organizations who participate the cruise. SciCruise will be even bigger and greater next year! If I were you would not miss it for anything!


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