Platonin akatemia

Platonin akatemia is Finnish event for science, philosophy, and arts. It was named after very famous Platonic Academy. Platonin akatemia is an annual event which is located in Tuusula and Järvenpää and it is in April or May. It is organized by Tapio Turpeinen and Platonin Akatemian supporters club. We had a great chance to give presentations and a little speech there.


We had two presentations and one speech there. It was a great honor to be amongst so many great visitors and speakers. For example Finnish congressman Pekka Haavisto and actress Eija Ahvo. The day started with Pekka Haavisto. We also started early because we had to do a lot of work before our presentation. We shared a room with Agora-project, which is also a project about for cultural. Our presentation took about half an hour and it went pretty well. After our presentation, we heard about Agora and it was also interesting presentation. Then, we went to eat and we started preparing for our next presentation and speech in the afternoon. Our second presentation was already routine and it was much smoother than the first one. After our presentations, we got a little break and had time to focus our speech. Before our speech, there was one speaker who was Eija Ahvo. She told about Unicef and Rwanda. It was useful and informative speech. It is so important to help other people and Rwanda is a very good example of this. Our speech was the closing one of the day and we were very exciting but almost little bit nervous about that. Our speech was about “how can we get the better world and what we have to do achieving this goal ”. It was a good day for us. Audience were motivated and interested. After everything,  we met a man who asked why we said that information can increase pain but we need that pain to notice that something is wrong. He disagreed with us and rationalized well why he thought so. His point was a really interesting point of view. We could see that he is a wise and interesting man. After that we were tired so we went straight to home and took a nap.

Thank you, Tapio! It was amazing. Next year Platonian Akatemia will be completely reformed so stay tuned for that!

Platonin Akatemia Website


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