What is culture?

The goal of our project is the better cultural understanding. This is a topic that has always been important, but at the moment and in future it is even more important. Culture has almost endless definitions and none of them is wrong. We wanted to know how people define culture. SciCruise gave us a great opportunity to that because the age range was big and there were people from different cultures. Those who respond the question were given the chance to win Nopeet sunglasses and a sauna hat. We got thirty brilliant answers and we would like to share some of the answers with you. (Link to SciCruise blog)

Answer 1.

Culture. It is born of people, values, and norms. It is often combined with the region, but we strongly believe that outside a certain area can be part of a particular culture. History also has a strong influence on the formation of cultures. The general saying is: “Language and culture cannot be distinguished from each other.” Therefore, when studying language, we also learn about cultures and vice versa. If we visit some of the foreign cultures, it’s easy to accidentally break the culture’s own rules. It is therefore important to know the ways and norms of many cultures.

Answer 2.

Uniquely evolved patterns of behavior and corresponding knowledge structures, resulting from different environments and cumulative experiences, that have been socially negotiated within a relatively closed group of individuals.

Answer 3.

Culture is a traditional way of working for a certain group of people, such as religious activities, food, and music. Cultures as a result of globalization merge together and interact more than ever before. The culture of human groups is visible everywhere. In Finland, our culture is reflected in the abundance of alcohol consumption, in nature, in sauna, and in architecture. Although our culture is seen as isolated and our country is located in the North, we have succeeded in diversifying culture with foreign influences, such as African food. Culture is, therefore, all we do and how we influence our environment.


If the answers should be put together in one sentence, the phrase would be: Culture is the way how a person lives.

Unfortunately, we could not put together all the great answers, so we had to present just a fraction of them. We can make a new blog post where we could present more of the answers.


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