Polkuja Aasiaan

We were invited to “Polkuja Aasiaan päivä” in Espoo’s Omnia. There was people telling information about China, Japan and South Korea. There was also visitors from many different countries. We had there a own booth where we told about our project and showed some pictures from our trip, we also had kind of a raffle in our booth. The event was well organized and the place was fancy and fitted perfectly for this kind of events.

We left our home little bit after eight by Lauri’s car. Unfortunately Oskari was not able to come, but three of us went to Espoo. We were not sure what to except but we knew that there is some people from Rajamäki high school who we had already met in Finnish board of education. The event started 9.30 and ended about 14.00. Only one of us was in our booth at the time during others were looking other booths and cultures. We met some amazing people, got new contacts and got to know better Chinese and Korean cultures. Before the end of the event we gave a presentation where we told the most important things about our project.

It was spectacular to see that some people was really interested about MovementJapan. After our presentation we got some questions and we had time to talk with other people there. One of the students even send message after the event where she told that she thinks that our project is very impressive and inspirational. That was a great honor and it was awesome to get good feedback. Events like that will motivate us to keep continue and working even harder than now. It has been great to notice that hard and purposeful work usually get paid off.

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