Ways to learn about cultures


Read online news sources. Choose what culture or cultures you would like to learn more about. Subscribe to newspapers from that culture online to know more about what they are reading. Browse websites with data on entertainment, outings, politics, or trends.

  • You should be able to find news sources from different cultures in your language. You don’t have to learn the language at first to get to know more about the culture, although learning the language will be helpful eventually.
  • For example, search for “French news in English.”


Follow social media about your chosen culture. A great thing about the internet is that it has made the world smaller and more accessible than ever. You can find people from cultures all around the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Following people or organizations from other cultures on social media is a great way to directly learn from that culture about things like their values, cuisine, and fashion.[2]

  • You can be specific when looking up information about other cultures on social media. Search for the accounts of notable figures in that culture, or look up webpages dedicated to specific parts of that culture, such as fashion, entertainment, art, or politics.

3.) Ask questions online. There are plenty of ways to ask questions about a culture online directly to members of that culture. Take a look at local communities and forums that accept questions or conversations. Send in or post a question and wait for a response.[3]

  • Ask what daily life is like in their culture.
  • You can ask what current events are going on right now, and how or if it is having an effect on them.
  • Ask what the major holidays are like there, and how they celebrate them.
  • Always be careful when communicating with other people online. Don’t give away your personal information.
  • Be respectful when asking questions. Research your question before asking.


Look up YouTube videos. YouTube is another form of social media that allows passive watching or interaction. There are many channels on YouTube dedicated to a specific culture or aspects of a culture. Often, these videos are produced by people that come from that culture, or know a lot about it.[4]

  • Type into the YouTube search bar things such as “Learn about French culture,” or “What do people in India commonly eat?”
  • Many YouTube channels talk about subjects like news, history, or gender norms. Search for videos with a specific subject in mind.
  • You can ask questions in the comment sections of YouTube videos, but responses from knowledgeable sources are not guaranteed.


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