Heitor from Brazil

Heitor came to Finland in August 2018 as an exchange student. He had lot of other countries to go exchange but he chose to come here because “something happen to said so.” The only things he knew about Finland was the cold weather, Santa Claus and that Finnish people love sauna.

Heitor thinks that the best thing in Finland is the chance to experience various things, for example, snowboarding, watching ice hockey, going to avanto, jumping to the snow and eating salmiakki or makkara. But the worst thing in Finland is the darkness.

Heitor thinks that Finland is an awesome country because it’s safety, nature is nice and Finnish people have a lot of crazy traditions. He likes to call Finland utopia because there are so many things that people can experience. Heitor ponders that Finnish people are quite unusual society because when you first time meet a Finn she/he is shy, but after a while, she/he turns to be a real friend. Heitor says: “Finnish people take time to get used to but after a while they became the best ones!”

Heitor has found many different sports, which he had never been heard before, such as Finnish baseball, floorball and every sport that includes ice. He thinks that Finnish people like various sports. He was very impressed when he found that lot of Finnish girls do soccer.

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