We were invited to “Polkuja Aasiaan päivä” in Espoo’s Omnia. There was people telling information about China, Japan and South Korea. There was also visitors from many different countries. We had there a own booth where we told about our project and showed some pictures from our trip, we also had kind of a raffle […]

All good things come to an end. It was true once again. We had packed our luggage already on Friday because our bus left seven o’clock in the morning. We were determined to stay awake the whole night because it was our last night in Japan and we wanted to make most out of it. Oskari and […]

What a great day it was! Our morning started with delicious breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast we went straight to Disneyland, which was actually next to our hotel. The amusement park was much bigger than I thought it would be. There was more than just attraction. For example stores, restaurants and even parades. We […]

We visited the University of Turku on Friday 23.3. There we told about our project and get acquainted with the University and its projects. The day before our Turku-trip we were in Eero’s place preparing our PowerPoint show, which we presented at the University of Turku. We spent almost whole Thursday doing that show and […]

    Japanese architecture has long and great history but it is not all native. Japanese architecture has been inspired by Chinese and other Asian cultures and architectures. Wood has always been very important part of Japanese architecture and has even been said that the world oldest wooden houses are in Horyu-Ji temple in Japan. […]

Nowadays Japan and Finland are both pretty secular societies. It means that religions have not so important role that they have had in those countries. Currently both countries have full religious freedom. Most significant religions in Japan, are Buddhism and Shinto. Shinto is original Japanese religion. It is based on Japanese folk religion. Beliefs of […]