All good things come to an end. It was true once again. We had packed our luggage already on Friday because our bus left seven o’clock in the morning. We were determined to stay awake the whole night because it was our last night in Japan and we wanted to make most out of it. Oskari and […]

Today we woke up at seven o’clock and we dressed up quickly. After that we went to a cafe that is near to our hotel and ate a maybe the best breakfast that we have had in Japan. Next we took to the bullet train to Japan’s capital of culture Kyoto. When we arrived to […]

On this day we woke up at 7 am because we had a really interesting day ahead. We were going to have our school meeting at intercultural institute of Japan. Even before the meeting we could see the excitement coming from us and the school. We headed to Nagoya station from where our train left […]

The fourth day started with good breakfast. After that we had to pack our luggage and check out for our Disneyland hotel. We had a meeting with The Embassy of Finland at 16.30 and we had no interest to walk around in Tokyo with our big luggage, so we decided to stay in our Disneyland […]

What a great day it was! Our morning started with delicious breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast we went straight to Disneyland, which was actually next to our hotel. The amusement park was much bigger than I thought it would be. There was more than just attraction. For example stores, restaurants and even parades. We […]

We woke up little before nine in the morning from the the beds of our capsule hotel. We slept better than we thought that we would in capsule hotel because it was pretty noisy there. One reason to that we slept well was that all us us had slept about 1-6 hours so we were […]