It can be very easy to stick with what you know, rather than trying to meet people who are different from you. However, actively trying to understand and embrace cultural differences can open you up to a whole world of exciting new possibilities and experiences. Here’s what you can do: Become self-aware Work out your […]

1. Other Cultures are Interesting First of all, it’s interesting to learn about those who are different from you. There’s nothing wrong with doing something just because it’s interesting. A little extra knowledge ever hurt anyone, and it’s probably more useful and edifying than watching another mindless TV show. 2. You Can Stimulate Your Mind It […]

We were invited to “Polkuja Aasiaan päivä” in Espoo’s Omnia. There was people telling information about China, Japan and South Korea. There was also visitors from many different countries. We had there a own booth where we told about our project and showed some pictures from our trip, we also had kind of a raffle […]

The goal of our project is the better cultural understanding. This is a topic that has always been important, but at the moment and in future it is even more important. Culture has almost endless definitions and none of them is wrong. We wanted to know how people define culture. SciCruise gave us a great […]

Platonin akatemia is Finnish event for science, philosophy, and arts. It was named after very famous Platonic Academy. Platonin akatemia is an annual event which is located in Tuusula and Järvenpää and it is in April or May. It is organized by Tapio Turpeinen and Platonin Akatemian supporters club. We had a great chance to […]

When we were visiting the University of Turku, we got an invitation to the SciCruise. It’s cruise between Turku and Stockholm. SciCruise offers interesting coverage of science, technology and environment workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and competitions. The target audience is Swedish and Finnish students, families with children and teachers. The age range on the cruise is quite big. I […]

  We visited the Finnish National Board of Education on Monday 9.4. It was a great honor for us. All started from one tweet. Our school tweeted the news article about us and Eero’s brother noticed that Paula Mattila had commented on that tweet. Mattila has an important part in developing the Finnish school system, […]