We came up with the idea to make sushi. None of us had before made sushi but we decided to try. We started to research what kind of goods are needed to make Sushi. We gathered at Janne’s house and started to make it. Here are the ingredients what we needed for sushi. The most […]

We visited the University of Turku on Friday 23.3. There we told about our project and get acquainted with the University and its projects. The day before our Turku-trip we were in Eero’s place preparing our PowerPoint show, which we presented at the University of Turku. We spent almost whole Thursday doing that show and […]

On 23.3.2018 we met the largest Turku-based sunglass company in the world: Nopeet. They are not a conventional company. Nopeet originated because there were not good enough sunglasses on the market. Gentlemen saw that niche and set up Nopeet. We met the founders: Mr. W. and Mr. K in a cafe by the Aura river […]

We were in Helsinki on March 13, 2018, to eat Japanese food and also to visit a Japanese grocery Store. We bought many interesting and unknown snacks for us. We gathered on March 17, 2018, to taste and review the snacks. We tried every snack and told our personal opinions about them. Here is a picture of […]

We will visit magnificent sights in Japan and we would like to tell a bit about them. Some sights have a link to Wikipedia so you can read more about these amazing sights. If you want to know our schedule in Japan, you can read it by clicking this link Toyota Factory Japan’s leading car manufacturer Toyota […]