We have presented our project in many places, for example, University of Turku, Hyrylä High school and local newspaper. Our project has improved cultural understanding. We will present our project in Platonin akatemia (famous philosophy event).  We can present our project to everyone. Our project has matured us and taught to take responsibilities. We have contacted schools and companies. We will go on our trip without our parents or any supervisors only each other to rely. For us, the trip is first without parents. Therefore the trip will also teach us to take responsibilities and force us to be more independent

We could tell you more about our project, for example, what is our project in-depth, how we found this project and where the idea for this project came. We provide a good base and tips to make a similar project.

So, if you want more internationality in your school, learn about cultures, tell about that it to thousands of people and become more independent.

If you want to get your journey to the next level!

contact us via email: MvmtJapan@gmail.com and let us set up a meeting for you!